Havana Social Club Live!
By Pablo Calzado Follow | Public

Havana Social Club is a group that specialize in cuban music and from latin america, the main purpose of the band is to expose more of the cuban culture and their music in Asia and the world.

We have members from Cuba,Colombia, Singapore, Australia ,Venezuela , USA and we all share the passion for the sound and the vibrancy of the cuban and latin music.
Also as a tribute to the amazing Buena Vista Social Club that has been a very important impulse to the international audience to get to know the cuban music.
Havana SC has been together for 6 years performing in Singapore , Indonesia , Malaysia ,Bangladesh , Borneo and Thailand at No Black Tie Jazz Club (KL) 2013- 2019,Dains Festival(SG) 2014, Publika Jazz
Festival(KL)2014/2018 ,Singapore Jazz Festival 2014/2016, Singapore River Festival 2015, Light Up Festival
2015, Medini Live festival 2015 (JB), Singapore Food Festival 2015,Ljen Summer Jazz Festival 2016(Java) ,Iskandar Jazz Festival 2017(JB) ,Singapore Night Festival 2017,Borneo Jazz Festival 2018, Cool Cats Jazz Club(SG)2019,Bangladesh Oscar Award Night 2019 ,among others.

The group has been Formed by Pablo Calzado Morales(Cuban Drummer and Percussionist).